Welcome to Big Bear Planetariums. We are delighted to introduce our state-of-the-art mobile planetariums using Fulldome 360-degree 3D digital projection technology, which have stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations. We cover the entire island of Ireland and we come to you.

Our planetariums suit all situations, including both indoor and outdoor use in your hall, gym, car park or garden. We offer a fully interactive learning environment which is educational and fun. Discover the many fascinating facts about our Universe and learn from our fully qualified Astro Officers.


Our domes are the most advanced digital planetariums in the country and are capable of showing full 360-degree interactive movies. We cater for special needs and are fully wheelchair accessible. The whole experience will last under one hour with time allowed for questions from our fully qualified Astro Officers.

We have a range of movies suitable for all ages and learning stages. See our SHOWS page for more information.

Why choose us?

*Portable planetarium – we come to you

*Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

*Seats up to 60 people

*Qualified instructors

*Fully insured

*40 minutes set up time

*Wheelchair friendly access

*Emergency exits / fireproof cert for planetarium.

Discover the Universe....

To explore the Universe contact us and book your visit today. Our school programmes are suitable for all age groups and learning abilities.