Welcome to Big Bear Planetariums

Much more than just a film show, Big Bear Planetariums brings to you an exciting exploration of the universe presented by Carl O ‘Beirnes One of Ireland’s leading astronomers and astrophotographer.-

Carl has also appeared on many episodes of the BBC Sky at Night TV show with the late Sir Patrick Moore displaying his work on the night sky. Carl also runs and owns J09 Balbriggan Observatory in which he takes images of near Earth asteroids for the Minor Planet Centre in Massachusetts which is a branch of International Astronomical Union (IAU).

When not taking images of asteroids, Carl enjoys imaging the Planets and distant Galaxies and Nebulae

Big Bear Planetariums was set up by Carl O’ Beirnes in 2015 with the aim of making learning interesting and fun! The experience involves dazzling visual presentations that create an interactive opportunity for all audiences.

Our all weather, portable domes are the most advanced mobile planetariums in the country. Using Full dome™ 360-degree 3D digital projection technology, each show, which have stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations that fully immerse the viewer, lasts from 45 to 60 minutes with some time left for questions and answers. The audience is encouraged to participate and will take with them a vivid and long lasting impression.

The content of each presentation is tailored for each individual audience, be it school children, corporate events, science fairs, volunteer organisations such as scouting groups, summer camps, birthday parties or weddings. We also cater for special needs and are fully wheelchair accessible.