4. Pursuing the Dwarfs

4. Pursuing the Dwarfs

The Categorization of Dwarf Planets sets the world in two parts… one who loved Pluto as planet and the others who preferred simpler cataloguing of celestial bodies.


Dwarf planets are the worlds too small to be considered as full-fledged planets, but large enough to be classified as Asteroids. These are the Ancient Relics of our Solar System. They were born the same way as our Eight Planets, but somehow along the way, they stopped developing further.

These Embryonic Planets holds the key to the secrets of Planetary Evolution. Today 5 small bodies’ fits the category of Dwarf Planets, but there are more waiting to join the list. Our advanced probes like ‘New Horizon’ and ‘Dawn’ are seeking the unknown. Let’s take a glimpse of the wee class of Dwarf Planets in our Full Dome Show ‘Pursuing the Dwarfs’

Duration: 5 min