Secondary Schools

Ideal for secondary schools because we come to you. A mobile planetarium has the ability to bring the universe to your students while creating a visual experience to help with the learning process. Our shows will last for 40 minutes with time afterwards for our Astro Officers to answer any questions. Big Bear Planetariums are truly planetariums for the 21st Century. Using state-of-the-art Fulldome 360-degree 3D digital projection technology, stunning graphics and advanced computer simulations our movies are projected throughout the inner surface of each dome to fully envelop the audience.

This creates a breathtakingly immersive, interactive learning environment which truly engages every group, whatever their age and learning ability. Organising school trips is costly and time consuming. Dedicating an entire school day to visit a planetarium isn’t necessary as we come to you. This allows for minimal disruption to the school day with children returning to their lessons immediately. Our aim is to deliver a fun, interactive experience that promotes an understanding and appreciation of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects which are so important in secondary education.

Why Choose us?

*Portable planetarium – we come to you
*Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
*Seats up to 60 people
*Qualified instructors
*Fully insured
*40 minutes set up time
*Wheelchair friendly access
*Emergency exits / fireproof cert for planetarium.